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The University of Tasmania has a number of teaching awards to recognise those staff making valuable contributions to learning and teaching excellence at the institution. Through a 'pathways' approach to recognition, the UTAS Teaching Award Program offers a number of opportunities for academic and professional staff to be acknowledged for their teaching contributions, and to be rewarded for their ongoing commitment to professional learning and practice in the learning and teaching domain. In addition to these UTAS award offerings, staff rewarded internally for their teaching are also encouraged and supported to apply for national teaching awards offered by the Australian Government.

UTAS Teaching Awards
Australian Awards for University Teaching

Support from the Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching

PPLP for Awards

The Peer Professional Learning Program for Awards (PPLP for Awards) is a highly successful professional learning program aimed towards developing quality teaching award applications, from Citations onwards (please refer to pathway below). The program utilises the UTAS Peer Learning Framework (Skalicky & Brown 2009) as the basis for staff to engage in peer-based professional learning, whilst also providing access to peer leadership and mentoring opportunities in a group supported environment.

Peer Review Panel

Staff applying for UTAS Teaching Awards (excepting Teaching Merit Certificates) and all National Awards are invited to submit no more than two drafts of their application for blind peer review.  Applicants will receive feedback on their draft applications within two weeks of submission. Please refer to the key dates to ensure your application is submitted to Awards.Grants@utas.edu.au in enough time to access this support.

The Awards Pathway