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PPLP for Awards

Peer Professional Learning Program (PPLP) for Awards

PPLP for Awards is a peer-mentoring program for applicants applying for awards under the University of Tasmania Teaching Awards program and leading to application at the national level (Australian Awards for University Teaching) in future years. The program has been running since 2012 with outstanding results, including assisting the success of 62 out of 71 (87%) internal award winners and 29 out of 31 (94%) national award winners in that time.

The PPLP for Awards aims to provide participants with:

  • a better understanding about the breadth and depth of appropriate evidence required for the different award categories;
  • a more focused approach to writing award applications that capture teaching excellence more broadly;
  • a chance to engage with staff from other discipline areas and to contribute to each other's learning in a group supported environment; 
  • a chance to be mentored and guided through the awards process with an experienced mentor and learning and teaching leader at UTAS;
  • a better chance to be recognised for teaching excellence through the UTAS and national awards programs;
  • a better understanding of the scholarship of learning and teaching and
  • better opportunities to enhance contributions to the scholarship of learning and teaching;

How it Works

  1. A group of up to six participants will work together in peer groups. Each group will be guided by a mentor.
  2. The peer groups will meet together with their mentor on four occasions between February and June.
  3. Each mentor will provide feedback on at least one draft award application for each peer/participant.

If you are interested in participating in PPLP for Awards, please contact the Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching at Awards.Grants@utas.edu.au

2019 PPLP for Awards Mentors