Teaching & Learning

Selection Procedures

Selection Procedures and Distribution of Awards

Teaching Merit Certificates

Teaching Merit Certificates will be assessed by two Colleges/Divisions. Assessment of applications will be made using the Teaching Merit Certificate Assessment Summary Sheet. This document has been made available to assist applicants in developing their application. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of Teaching Merit Certificate applications in April and will receive their award at a College/Division event.

Citations and Vice-Chancellor's Awards

A Working Group will award the Citations and recommend to the Vice-Chancellor which applications they feel are worthy of receipt of a Vice-Chancellor's Award within each category.

The selection committee can, at its discretion, choose to support additional applications within a particular category if there are funds remaining and the award submissions meet the necessary criteria.

The Working Group membership includes:

  • Acting Director - Learning and Teaching - Chair
  • Two representatives from the group of Associate Deans (Learning and Teaching)
  • One senior member of professional staff
  • One previous University of Tasmania Award for Teaching Excellence winner
  • One previous National Award winner
  • a student representative nominated by the TUU.

Distribution and Use of Prize Money

Prize money will be sent to the School/Section of each award winner. This money may be used to advance the teaching career of each winner, to disseminate good practice in learning and teaching, and/or to provide additional resources to support the winner's teaching or activities relating to the award. This funding should be expended within one year.

Obligations of Award Winners

It is expected that recipients of Citations and VC's Awards will work closely with the Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching to provide leadership for key learning and teaching initiatives, and support for award applicants in the years following receipt of the award.