Teaching & Learning


Introduction and Aim

The aim of the TILT Teaching Fellowship Scheme is to provide opportunities for academic staff from across UTAS who have shown a commitment to professional learning in learning and teaching to engage in high level scholarship in learning and teaching in areas of strategic priority for the institution. Fellows will contribute to the work of TILT by supporting professional learning through focused projects that build awareness, understanding and institution wide participation in identified theme areas for the fellowship. Through collaboration with TILT and an active dissemination strategy that will involve staff from across UTAS and other institutions, TILT Teaching Fellows will develop their leadership skills in the area of learning and teaching, and the theme area of their fellowship more specifically. TILT Teaching Fellows also directly contribute to the UTAS Communities of Practice Initiative through the establishment and support of a university-wide Community of Practice focused around their fellowship theme area.

Each year TILT will announce the theme areas under which fellowship applications will be sought for commencement in the subsequent year. Two (2) TILT Teaching Fellowships will be awarded in 2014 under the theme areas of Breadth Units (1 fellowship) and Student Experience and Engagement (1 fellowship).

TILT Teaching Fellows will:

  • undertake a targeted project and/or devise and deliver a program of activities that will advance learning and teaching at the University;
  • produce a deliverable, or output, with broad University applicability that contributes to TILT objectives of supporting teaching excellence and professional learning of teachers at UTAS;
  • contribute to the scholarship of learning and teaching at UTAS and nationally;
  • establish and facilitate a wide community of practice at UTAS to disseminate their outcomes with the aim of embedding these into practice and making them sustainable; and
  • benefit the University's Strategic Plan, Learning and Teaching Plan and/or other strategic institutional priorities.

The Scheme is intended to support and reward excellence in learning and teaching, and to recognise the unqualified commitment of the University to the creation and maintenance of a learning and teaching culture of the highest standard. TILT Teaching Fellows will be encouraged to continue to develop their work after the conclusion of their fellowships. Such progression may include pursuing opportunities such as a National Teaching Fellowship, Grant or Secondment with the Australian Government's Office for Learning and Teaching.

Eligibility and Logistics

All members of academic staff, including seconded and contract staff, who have made substantial progress towards completing the Graduate Certificate in University Learning and Teaching (or can show equivalent qualifications or scholarship in the area of learning and teaching) are eligible to apply for a TILT Teaching Fellowship. Academic staff from any level of employment are eligible to apply for a TILT Teaching Fellowship. The quality and plausibility of delivery of a proposal as well as an applicant's interest and experience in the identified theme area will all be considered in assessment of an application. The TILT Teaching Fellowships Scheme is a recognised opportunity to exhibit leadership in the theme area, therefore previously demonstrated leadership in this area is a preferable but not essential criterion of applicants.

An operating budget of between $5,000 and $10,000 (in addition to in-kind support provided by TILT) is available for fellows to conduct and disseminate their work. A significant amount of the budget must be allocated to the establishment and support of a university-wide Community of Practice focused on the fellowship theme area. The budget allocated to the CoP must be justified as part of the fellowship dissemination strategy outlined in the application. This dissemination must include participation of UTAS staff in embedding the outcomes of the fellowship across the institution. Final budget allowances will be negotiated with shortlisted applicants and successful applicants will be required to report expenditure and their final financial acquittal to TILT.
Successful applicants will be employed or seconded by TILT for a period of up to12 months at 20% of a full time position, equating to one full day per week. The latest starting date for a fellowship is 1st March and all fellowships must conclude by 31st December in the same year as commencement. 

TILT fellows will be given desk space and administrative support for their fellowship in the TILT office of either the Sandy Bay or Newnham campus. It is expected that successful applicants will be physically located in the TILT office for 20% of a work week to ensure they are able to regularly engage with TILT staff and contribute to TILT activities throughout the life of their fellowship.

Successful applicants may reapply for fellowships after a period of five years. Unsuccessful applicants are eligible and encouraged to reapply in subsequent years. Previous teaching fellows with TILT or FEU are eligible to apply for fellowships immediately under this new scheme.

Application Process - 2014 TILT Teaching Fellowships