Teaching & Learning

Benefits of Open Educational Practices and Resources

From educators’ perspective, the value of online resources may lie more in enabling them to enrich their students’ learning experience than in saving time developing resources themselves (White and Manton).

Also, educators:

  • Can use affordable (mostly free) learning resources;

  • Can have updated content;

  • Are able to translate resources into other languages;

  • Can broaden access to learning, and

  • Ensure publicly funded resources are available to the public

Learners can benefit from:

  • enhanced quality and flexibility of resources;

  • seeing/applying knowledge in a wider context than their course would otherwise allow;

  • freedom of access and enhanced opportunities for learning;

  • support for learner-centred, self-directed, peer-to-peer and social/informal learning approaches;

  • authentic or 'real-life' learning experiences through OER that link to employer or professional sector activities, and so forth.

  • You can find more information about the benefits of OEP from:
    The JISC Open Educational Resources Toolkit. How to overcome barriers is also discussed in the toolkit.