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Developing and publishing OER

Publishing OER

Developing and publishing OER is a significant undertaking. Below are some points to consider.

  • Obtain support from communities of practice during the stages of your project development.

  • Design your project by considering your interests, existing OER and other related options.

  • Determine the licencing and intellectual property rights that will apply to the completed project.

  • Use the OEL Toolkit, a tool that provides tailored copyright and licensing guidance for developing OER in Australian higher education.

  • Consider collaborating, either within your School, within the University of Tasmania, or with other institutions.

  • Consider the project life cycle including: designing, prototyping, testing, trialling, production, promoting, maintenance etc.

  • List what is needed to complete the project, including reporting requirements, skill sets, staff development needs, time and space requirements, development tools and consumables.

  • Identify how to obtain all project resources. Consider what you can access either directly or in kind and funding options such as UTAS Teaching Development Grants.

  • Manage your project to completion and evaluate the results.

  • Publish your completed project to an appropriate repository. Deciding which repository is appropriate is a likely outcome of your initial environmental scan or through discussions within your community of practice.

  • Consider options for publishing your experiences through conferences or professional journals.