Teaching & Learning

Open Educational Practices and Learning and Teaching

The rapid global expansion in the availability of quality Open Educational Resources (OER) and the development and trialling of a range of Open Educational Practices (OEP) is set to change the landscape of higher education globally. New conceptions of delivery, curriculum development, pedagogy and sustainable business have already begun to challenge mainstream university learning and teaching (Bossu, Brown & Bull).

However, the potential of OER and OEP for learning and teaching is not fully understood yet. What we know is that OEP support learning, teaching and research through the creation, use, adoption remix and sharing a whole range of learning resources. Adopting open teaching practices and resources will enable teaching staff to provide a wider range of resources to their students and to support different learning styles and innovative pedagogies. All the above, are in many ways, considered by most teaching staff and already incorporated in our practices, such as using digital resources to support our teaching.

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