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Getting Started: Teaching at UTAS

The information on this page will be of particular relevance to sessional teaching staff at the University of Tasmania.

Getting Started

If you are a sessional staff member or a new member of teaching staff who has not yet commenced ELT501, we encourage you to participate in a teaching induction course: Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching. This course is open and free, and was developed by Prof. Kym Fraser, Swinburne University of Technology, with input from universities around Australia, including the University of Tasmania.

The course is comprised of 15 modules, covering different aspects of teaching in higher education. We particularly recommend the following modules for sessional staff at the University of Tasmania:

  • Orientation Week: Teaching your first class
  • Week 2: Planning for learning
  • Week 3: Feedback for learning
  • Week 7: Assessment
  • Document: Sessional Staff

You may like to work through the first module before your first class, then work through the other modules over the subsequent weeks.

To access the course, you will need to register and enrol. The course is hosted on the canvas network learning management system. Registration is (usually) very straightforward.

Transcript of Welcome video

Graphic showing the modules available in the Teaching Induction course: Orientation Week: Teaching your first class; Week 2: Planning for learning; Week 3: Feedback for learning; Week 4: Learning and teaching theories; Week 5: Designing, implementing and supporting online learning; Week 6: Curriculum design; Week 7: Assessment; Week 8: Collaborative learning: Harnessing student interactions for deep learning; Week 9: Teaching today's diverse learners; Week 10: Quality assurance and our responsibilities: Helping guide your development; Week 11: Scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching

Other Resources

Depending on your position, you may have more or less say in the design of the learning for a particular class. If you are involved in tutoring and demonstrating you may find the downloadable Guide to Tutorials (Word, 414KB) helpful, particularly before your first class. This resource will complement the Orientation, Planning for learning, and Collaborative learning modules of the Contemporary Approaches to University Teaching course.

If you just starting in a tutoring role, the Marking and Feedback pages of the University of Tasmania Teaching and Learning website are those you will probably find of most help and relevance.The rest of this site also contains core information, guidelines and recommendations to support you in your professional development in learning and teaching at UTAS.