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What is web conferencing?


Web conferencing connects students*, lecturers and staff at their computers wherever they are located, via the Internet. Anyone with a computer and Internet access can be invited to join a web conference session, even if they are not based on a UTAS campus. Participants communicate in real-time through audio, text chat and video, and interact via a shared whiteboard space. Sessions can be recorded for later viewing.

The UTAS web conferencing system is Blackboard Collaborate.

What does web conferencing offer?

Web conferencing has a growing role in higher education, for example:

  • enabling real-time online lectures, tutorials, support and group work for students in different locations;
  • improving communication and community building between staff and distance students;
  • allowing staff to use a virtual office to consult with students;
  • involving guest speakers and external experts in lectures;
  • assisting academic and support staff on different campuses in coordinating their work with students; and
  • connecting staff for participation in broader professional networks.

Request a Web Room

All UTAS staff can request a Web Room using the New Web Room Request form on the MyLO - My Learning Online site. Web Rooms are available for use 24/7 for the period of 12 months.

Please note: Creation of your Web Room can take up to two working days. You should request your Web Room well before your planned use so you can familiarise yourself before using it for teaching purposes.

Staff who request or manage a web room are called Moderators. Guests are called Participants. Each time you request a Web Room you will receive a confirmation email that contains the Moderator link and a Participant link. These links allow you and your guests to enter the Web Room. We suggest you save these links as favourites or bookmarks in your web browser or in a Word document.


24 hour technical support for Blackboard Collaborate is available by telephoning (within Australia):

1800 267 338

Technical support, administration of Web Rooms and use of Collaborate within a MyLO unit is supported by the ITS Service Desk.

Email: web.conferencing@utas.edu.au

Phone: 1818

For advice on the teaching and learning aspects of web conferencing, including available workshops, contact TILT:

Email: tilt.Enquiries@utas.edu.au

Telephone: 6226 7251