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Graduate Quality Statement

The Graduate Quality Statement details the common outcomes expected of all graduates of the University of Tasmania. It provides a value statement which is used to guide curriculum design, course evaluation and review, and course philosophy statements.

The University of Tasmania Graduate Quality Statement

The University of Tasmania experience unlocks the potential of individuals. Our graduates are equipped and inspired to shape and respond to the opportunities and challenges of the future as accomplished communicators, highly regarded professionals and culturally competent citizens in local, national, and global society. University of Tasmania graduates acquire subject and multidisciplinary knowledge and skills and develop creative and critical literacies and skills of inquiry. Our graduates recognise and critically evaluate issues of social responsibility, ethical conduct and sustainability. Through respect for diversity and by working in individual and collaborative ways, our graduates reflect the values of the University of Tasmania.

The Graduate Quality Statement Policy outlines the objectives, scope and responsibilities for both staff and students in relation to this statement.