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Generic graduate attributes

Generic graduate attributes are those qualities we wish to see in graduates irrespective of the courses they complete. The University of Tasmania has identified and articulated five core attributes as the foundation of its Policy on Generic Attributes of Graduates of the University of Tasmania (PDF). These are:

  • Knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Global perspective
  • Social responsibility

These attributes, developed over time at university, will serve graduates well in their employment and further lifelong learning.


The resources here provide:

  • Background to the UTAS Policy
  • A suite of tools to assist faculty in incorporating generic graduate attributes into the curriculum
  • A guide to writing generic attribute statements
  • Case studies of teaching and assessing generic graduate attributes from the Case Studies website
  • Advice for students wishing to track their development of the generic graduate attributes.

Useful links on the library website include:

There are also links to practices at other Australian universities.

Download Developing generic graduate attributes and tracking their acquisition at UTAS (PDF) for background information to the UTAS Policy, a context for the tools available to incorporate generic graduate attributes into the curriculum (see list below), and hypertext addresses to the other universities.

For the course coordinator/course committee

For the unit coordinator

  • Unit mapping tool (WORD): a tool to link learning outcomes, teaching & learning strategies and assessment to the development of particular generic graduate attributes.