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The Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching (TILT) provides a comprehensive schedule of teaching & learning workshops and events.

Please watch this site for future events. Event details are updated regularly.

Please note that registrations for most events close two (2) business days prior. If you are interested in registering after this time, please contact the Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching at tilt.enquiries@utas.edu.au.

If you have any difficulty registering please call (03) 6226 7251, or email tilt.enquiries@utas.edu.au.

The Bachelor of Education with Professional Honours (Higher Education) - E4W

ELT503 – Innovation and Leadership in University Learning and Teaching

On-campus dates: 16-17 November and 14 December
Venue: L131, Launceston

This unit supports you in developing your understanding of contemporary innovation and leadership theories and practices in higher education. The focus is on enabling you to refine and apply your understanding in a professional environment, with due consideration of the needs of your teaching and research discipline, institution, colleagues and students. This unit culminates in the creation of a learning and teaching 'innovation and leadership' white paper, which elucidates opportunities for future change and organisational unit development.

Completion of ELT501 is a pre-requisite. Attendance at all face-to-face days is compulsory and places are limited.

ELT507 – Curriculum and Assessment Design in Higher Education

On-campus dates: 26 October 1.00-3.00, 3 November 10.00-1.00, 24 November 10.00-12.00
Venue: Sandy Bay Physics 218, Launceston A001

This unit is for experienced university teachers who wish to develop and advance their understanding of design, review and evaluation of curriculum and assessment across designed programs of study (typically a degree program or major).

From a course-wide and course-long perspective you will explore the theories, principles and practice of curriculum design as well as the many internal and external requirements that influence current approaches to shaping programs that produce job-ready graduates.  Principle foci will be the Higher Education Standards as they relate to curriculum and assessment, the Australian Qualifications Framework, the Blended Learning Model, the UTAS Quality Cycle and periodic Course Reviews. You will critically review curriculum philosophies, course-level learning outcomes, current curriculum mapping tools as well as the data that is available for decision support.

This unit may be taken as an alternative entry point to Bachelor of Education with Professional Honours (Higher Education) for experienced university teachers who qualify for credit for ELT501.

Further information

Further information is available on the Course and Unit handbook and the Teaching and Learning website. 

Enrolment advice

It is recommended that you contact the Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching for individual admission and enrolment advice.

Teaching Matters 2015: Tasmanian Blends

Date: Wednesday 2 December
Venue: Sandy Bay Campus

Abstract submission is now open for Teaching Matters 2015: Tasmanian Blends.

This year's conference focusses on what continues to inspire us as teachers, and in the blend of students, of staff, and of learning environments here at UTAS in the midst of a challenging Higher Education environment. The conference will explore the unique learning experiences that we provide for students of the University of Tasmania, and has four sub-themes which should help focus your presentation(s): Distinctive to us, Student Blends, Course Blends, and UTAS Blended Learning Model.

Further details regarding the three presentation types ('Flipped' discussions, Spotlights on practice, and Poster presentations) and abstract submission requirements are available on the Teaching Matters Submissions web page.


If you are new to using MyLO or would like to talk to someone about how MyLO can be used to improve your students' study experience or even how you can deliver a unit fully online, you can talk to a member of the Education Development Team in TILT, or an Educational Developer from your Faculty or Department.

If you have a group of colleagues that feel there is a need for a workshop or you would like to discuss the opportunity of having a workshop conducted within your School/Faculty – please email TILT.ED@utas.edu.au.

For general enquiries please phone (03) 6226 7251 or email TILT Enquiries.