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The Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching (TILT) provides a comprehensive schedule of teaching & learning workshops and events.

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The Bachelor of Education with Professional Honours (Higher Education) - E4W

ELT501 – Foundations of University Learning and Teaching

On campus – 4-6 February Hobart, 11-13 February Launceston (on-campus days)

This unit is designed to provide information and a collegial environment to support you in developing a rich and integrated understanding of university learning and teaching issues, with reference to the UTAS context.

You will explore the theories, principles and practice of university learning and teaching. There is an emphasis on discussing and applying constructive alignment, strategies to promote deep learning and integrating technology into the learning and teaching environment.

This is the compulsory foundation unit for UTAS staff enrolled in E4W and a probation requirement for all new teaching staff levels A-C.  

ELT505 – Scholarship of Learning and Teaching

On campus – 2-4 February + 2 April (on-campus days)

This unit has two inter-related purposes: to develop your educational research skills and to improve your students' learning. In this unit, you explore the principles, theories and practice of the scholarship of university teaching and learning. You are introduced first, to a broad range of literature that reconsiders the notion of scholarship and second, to a number of approaches to engage with the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). This aims to broaden your conception of what constitutes knowledge, evidence, practice and scholarship in teaching and learning. The primary outcome of this unit is a scholarly research paper in which you report to a wider community on an inquiry (into an aspect of learning and teaching) that you have designed and undertaken throughout the semester.

Pre-reading is essential for this unit. Please email tilt.enquiries@utas.edu.au as soon as possible if you intend to participate in this unit.

Unit Coordinator: Wendy Green

ELT506 – Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching

Online – 23 February to 29 May

This unit is designed to provide you with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in delivering technology-enhanced learning and teaching.

You will explore the tools, principles and practices of online learning, teaching and assessment as well as critically evaluate their pedagogical affordances. In addition the unit will examine and evaluate learning technologies, policy frameworks and quality guidelines for online learning in higher education. Based on weekly activities, readings and assessment tasks you will build a digital portfolio of work that will both inform your future teaching and build towards gaining accreditation based on internationally recognised standards.

Unit Coordinator: Ben Cleland

ELT504 – University Learning and Teaching Development Project (Semester 2)

Blended – 1 day in April (date to be confirmed)

This unit provide participants with the opportunity to demonstrate leadership through undertaking a supervised project on a strategic learning and teaching priority that is of benefit to the individual, their School, and/or the University. Incorporating knowledge developed in previous units in the course, participants are required to plan, implement and evaluate the outcomes of their project.

Whilst this is a semester 2 unit, you should note that preliminary engagement with the Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching will commence in April.  

Unit Coordinator: Kristin Warr

CAM502 – Foundations of Learning and Teaching for Health Professionals

Online – 23 February to 29 May

This unit will provide students with an overview of the principles, theories and practice of learning and teaching in higher education. The focus of the unit is the application of that knowledge to the context of educating health professionals in practice settings. It will be of interest to clinicians acting in roles such as preceptor, supervisor and facilitator, responsible for teaching and learning and assessing the learning of students on professional experience placement. 

This is the compulsory foundation unit for Health Professionals enrolled in E4W.

Unit Coordinator: Jo-Anne Kelder 

CAM506 – Enhancing Professional Practice in University Learning and Teaching for Health Professionals

Online – 23 February to 29 May

Assessment is an important driver of student learning. The purpose of this unit is to explore the key principles of validity and reliability assessment, and the design and conduct of quality assessment practices in health professional education. Through active participation in this unit, first, you develop a critical appreciation of the use of a range of assessment tools; second, you refine your knowledge of quality assessment instruments for use across a range of health settings; and third you use data to provide feedback to students, and contribute to continuous improvement in teaching and assessment practices.

Unit Coordinator: Jo-Anne Kelder 

Further information

Further information is available on the Course and Unit handbook and the Teaching and Learning website. 

Enrolment advice

It is recommended that you contact the Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching for individual admission and enrolment advice.

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