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The resources we provide for students to enable them to succeed in our unit and in their course overall include those related to: technical skills and requirements, learning and life support, administration of the unit and their wider university experiences, and learning activities for the unit.

When selecting, designing, developing, and deciding when and how to present and provide access to these resources and content, there are numerous considerations for you to take into account, including Accessibility, Open Educational Resources (OER), and Media types.

Selecting the best resources to support students to develop, progress towards, and ultimately achieve your unit's intended learning outcomes (ILOs) is the fourth and final step in the unit design process at the University of Tasmania. Your knowledge of your discipline, and the specific focus of your unit is the vital element in this step. It is important to select your resources so that they complement and enable each of the other elements of constructive alignment to work; - make sure the content and resources you select are suited to the learning activities, enable successful completion of the assessment tasks, and support the achievement of your unit's ILOs.

The Quality Matters Rubric provides excellent guidance about the sort of general information to provide to students within MyLO, and many Schools and Faculties have based their template on these standards. Although some standards are addressed with generic information and resources that apply across courses, it is important that you personalise some of them to match the expectations, requirements, and specifics of your unit.

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You are under a legal obligation to ensure that your content and materials meet accessibility standards.

Learn about what accessibility is, and how to ensure your content meets requirements.

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Format and Media

When developing and selecting learning materials and content, there are a number of media types and formats to choose from. The best choice to make will differ, depending on when and where they will be presented, and their intended use.

Find out more about selecting a suitable media type when sharing content and resources with your students.

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Library Resources (and Services)

When it comes to providing your students with resources to support their learning in your unit, the Library is a veritable treasure trove. Because much of the library collection is now available electronically, you are able to provide your students with direct access to their resources through your unit's MyLO site.

Go to the dedicated Library for Teachers page (on the Library site).