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Guide to making and using videos as learning resources

A practical guide

As with the use of any learning resource, the key starting point for using a video should be to ensure that the content is aligned to the unit curriculum (i.e. that it supports the attainment of one or more ILO, and therefore helps students successfully complete one or more assessment task). Communicating this relevance to the student is both a useful checkpoint in the unit design, and supports their learning experience.

If you are considering creating a video resource, Effective educational videos (Vanderbilt University) is a great overview to start planning the content, while the sections below focus more on the technical how-to information.

An important point to be aware of is that for any non-text resource (such as a video), you will need to provide a text-based alternative. This can seem onerous, but there are many options beyond a transcript – these are outlined in the Sharing videos with students section below.

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