Teaching & Learning

This Teaching and Learning website provides key information and ideas about teaching at the University of Tasmania. This site provides information, ideas and examples of MyLO use for teaching and learning in the context of the different elements of learning design. For an introduction to MyLO as a system, including information about its functions and how to use its tools, please MyLO Staff Resources page . To access step-by-step guides to using MyLO tools, use the MyLO Staff Resources LOR to search using key words.

If you are looking for News and Events related to policy developments, professional learning and other learning and teaching activities at UTAS, we have moved this function to the Tasmanian Institute of Learning and Teaching (TILT) website.

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Summary of COVID-19 related resources

Below are links to some of the key newly created or updated resources related to learning and teaching in this time of transition to online delivery.

Teaching and Learning: Assessment webpages

The Assessment section of this webpage is relevant when considering adaptation of assessment for online delivery, particularly the following webpage:

Getting started with Alternative Assessment

The Getting started with Alternative Assessment webpage provides practical advice including specific examples of alternative assessment options.

Teaching and Learning: Learning Activities and Delivery Modes webpages

The Learning Activities and Delivery Modes section of this website contains information relevant to supporting learners in an online environment. The following pages have information specifically created to be relevant to COVID-19 requirements:

Online Teaching FAQs

The Online Teaching FAQs webpage contains answers to common technical questions around adaptation to an online delivery model.

Online (MyLO)

The Online (MYLO) webpage provides a concise overview of the online environment at the University of Tasmania, including a videoexplaining key learning technologies which are most likely to be helpful.

Semester 2 - Coronavirus Online Delivery Help intranet page

The Semester 2 - Coronavirus Online Delivery Help intranet page has been created by the COSE Academic Development team as an access point to Workshops, MyLO Resources, and Drop-in sessions, open to all UTAS staff.

Supporting students

Support for staff conversations with students

The Student support &wellbeing triage –COVID-19 document has been developed to support staff conversations with students, including answers to frequently asked questions and a flowchart for advice.

Student referral points

The Key resources and referral points document provides information on key contacts for students.

Supporting students in China

Information specific to delivery of learning to China is available in the Technical hints for staff to support students in China document.

Elements of learning design

Planning for teaching requires a range of skills and understandings. These pages focus on each of the main aspects of quality delivery of a unit of study.

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Unit Design

This section provides information about the core principles and frameworks that guide teaching practice at UTAS, including the UTAS Blended Learning Model, and approaches to Evaluating Teaching.

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This section explains more about how and why Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) are the most important part of any learning design. It also provides a guide to (re)writing them for your unit.

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This section provides information and ideas about assessment from underlying principles, to planning, to reporting on grades. Some key pages include minimising plagiarism and writing assessment criteria.

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Learning activities and delivery modes

This section includes a number of examples of learning activities which can be used regardless of the mode and location of delivery.

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Content and learning resources

This section addresses the 'High Quality Resources' aspect of the UTAS Blended Learning Model. Some aspects which are not always well understood include the use of Open Educational Practices (OEP) and ensuring Accessibility.

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Where, how, and when communication occurs in a unit can have a significant impact on the student experience. This section includes access to the Unit Outline Proforma, as well as infomation about MyLO sites.

Review and Recognition

There are many opportunities for continuing professional learning in the area of teaching, including self and peer review of teaching design and delivery, and involvement in learning and teaching projects. There are also a number of different ways in which contributions to quality teaching and support for learning are given formal recognition. The sections listed below provide information and ideas about how you can become involved.

Teaching Awards (University staff only)

An integrated approach to reward, recognise and develop staff contributions to learning and teaching.

Quality Matters

A rubric with quality standards, a program of professional development, and a peer review process.