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Designing for and Recording Student Engagement

Designing for and Recording Student Engagement

Feedback from and to students about their progress in a unit, including their understanding of what is expected of them as a student, and what they can expect from their teacher(s), is one of the most important and powerful tools in enabling students to succeed in achieving learning outcomes. Collecting information about how and if students are engaging in a unit early on, is one way of obtaining such feedback for both ourselves as teachers, but also for the institution.

To support processes to determine whether students are actively engaged in a unit that they are enrolled in, as approved by Academic Senate, Unit Coordinators have a responsibility to ensure that their unit has

at least two meaningful methods of evaluating engagement built into the first 4 weeks of a unit

A record of results of these engagement activities should be kept for audit and review purposes. 

Your Associate Dean Learning and Teaching will inform you about how to report student engagement data.

There are some ideas below that may help you to design meaningful engagement activities.