Teaching & Learning

Situated - including Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

There are a number of situated environments in which students may be able to engage in High Impact Learning Experiences. Student supervision in such environments also varies, including professionals in the field (such as school teachers, clinicians, or sailors), the University's academics and professional staff, or without supervision, working from information and instructions shared with students using MyLO.

It is worth noting that situated learning activities are likely to have special Work Health and Safety considerations, and may therefore require additional preparation in comparison to learning activities conducted online or on campus.


Some units are designed so that the vast majority of the learning activities occur in the field, with students being provided with in-person guidance and mentorship. These activities, in line with the UTAS Blended Learning Model are supported with resources and interactions facilitated online. In other units, however, field work and field trips may constitute only a fraction of the learning activities for the unit with the other activities occurring either on campus or online.

Most research indicates that fieldwork at university is most effective when integrated within the curriculum, incorporating preparation activities prior to the field-based activities, and followed up with activities conducted online or on campus afterwards.

Check with your School for specific location requirements.

Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) involves placing a student in an industry, professional or community workplace in order to integrate theoretical learning with its application in the workplace.

Students have various opportunities to engage in WIL depending on the nature of their degree program. The University and work placement provider enter into an agreement in each case, and the participants are required to follow ethical guidelines, undertake appropriate inductions, and so on. Furthermore, the University has obligations to meet various commonwealth and state government legislation concerning student placement.

The University's Work Integrated Learning Procedure, which details the management of placements, is currently under review.

Check with your School for specific placement requirements.